Classical Education & Special Needs: You Can Do This — Why and How

Week 1: Why Classical Education for Special Needs: Three Case Studies

June 1, 12 Noon EDT

Hear the moving, true stories of three significantly challenged children, all seemingly unlikely recipients of a classical education. Learn why “experts” often approach special-needs children with isolated and random approaches, and why you will want to avoid this trend. Discover a refreshingly different and more successful paradigm for your special-needs child or struggling learner. Receive benefits not only for your child’s education, but quite possibly for the rest of his life.

Week 2: Helen Keller Knew Latin: You Can Give Your Child an Excellent Education

June 8, 12 Noon EDT

(Yes, she really did learn Latin. Also Greek and German!) Ready  for something more than remediation? Even if your child cannot master classical languages, we contemplate ways to help your child gain greater self-knowledge and an appreciation for truth, goodness, and beauty. Learn how to engage your child’s strengths and blend necessary therapies with good books, poetry, and timeless teaching methods, whether your child’s needs are mild, moderate, or severe.

Week 3: How to Evaluate and Teach Your Challenged Child

June 15, 12 Noon EDT

Discover ways to reduce frustration in your home. Gain tools to assess your child’s  independent, instructional, and frustration levels in academics. Then learn how to apply these to his daily lessons, assigned homework, organizational skills, and social interactions. Restore success to your child and your home school. Bring questions. We will explore solutions. Receive more than information; receive answers for your situation.

Location: Date: June 1, 2015 Time: 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Cheryl Swope

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